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System FTIAN-5 is intended for the continuous control of structure of departing gases over various conditions of metallurgical manufacture (converter and domain processes: pumping out or autogenously smelting, manufacture of especially pure metals, etc.). Thus with the help of system it is supervised not only structure of a gas phase, but in some cases temperature of melt and the contents of the basic component in melt.
Structure of system comprises:
  • Mass – spectrometer of time of flight type;
  • The device for sampling and preparation of samples;
  • Independent system of water cooling.
Resolution 500
Quantity of determined components of a mix of gases up to 16
Time of the analysis, sec 0,04-2
Range of measured concentration, % (about). 10-7 -100
Registered value of nitrogen in oxygen of blasting, % (about). 0,01
Full error of the analysis of departing gases (the converter, a blast furnace, the vacuum gauge), including Н2, CO, CO2, N2, O2, Ag (for one second of the analysis), % 0,1
Error of the analysis of an impurity in technical oxygen of blasting (N2, Аg) at concentration N2 and Аg less than 0,1 % volumetric, % (about). 0,002
Error of definition of temperature of steel on a course of process, not more, oС 10
Presence of the device for sampling and preparation of samples there is
Presence of independent system of water cooling there is

The resulted parameters of purpose are achieved by the new structural organization of the analyzer and all device as a whole which is characterized by the following features:
  • Presence of separate evacuation of electron gun,
  • Presence of the channel for ion counting.
  • Application in the channel of an analog signal broadband current amplifier of spectral pulses.
Essential difference of the analyzer of new mass - spectrometer system is application in it of the device of selective suppression of intensive peaks. It allows to receive the big dynamic range of measurement of the device and considerably to increase service life of the receiver of ions. The resource of work of an electron gun essentially increases due to its separate evacuation.
Operational reliability of new mass - spectrometer system is raised due to application of the independent device of water cooling and two thermoelectric traps of a new design.


Systems FTIAN are intended for the decision is industrial - the analytical problems arising by manufacture of steel, pig-iron and nonferrous metals.
It is essential, that the information can be received without a stop of technological process.
The primary goals solved with the help of systems of series FTIAN:
  • The current control of temperature of steel (nonferrous metals) over time swimming trunks without a stop of process, including the continuous control over a required range of temperatures (for steel: 1550-1750 oС).
  • Error of definition of temperature ±10 oC.
  • Definition of the current contents of carbon in steel without a stop of melting. An error of definition + -0,015 % at the contents of carbon in melt not more than 0,2 %.
  • Definition of the current contents of sulfur on a course of melting in manufacturing of nonferrous metals and steel.
  • Definition of cleanness of the gases used in manufacture. For example, among such problems it is possible to specify exact continuous definition of impurity in oxygen of blasting, argon of blasting, methane.
  • The analysis of structure of the gas environment and departing gases in various metallurgical manufactures (including: converter process, domain process, pumping out). Controllable components: Н2, N2, O2, CO, CO2, SO2, H2 S, Н2 O, СН4, NO, NO2, Аr and other inert gases, other gas components.
  • Mass - spectrometer gas analyzer FTIAN-5 which includes:
    • The mass - analyzer.
    • Evacuation system.
    • System of automatics and electronics.
    • System of registration.
    • Personal computer (for operation under production conditions - the industrial personal computer).
    • The software.
    • The engineering data.
  • System of sample preparation TEST - 4.
The system of sample preparation TEST-4 provides transportation of analyzed gases to the gas analyzer FTIAN and switching of streams of analyzed gases from several controllable objects. It copes with a task from the personal computer of system FTIAN.
  • The device for thermo capsule feeding ×
The device for thermo capsule feeding represents small-sized, controlled from the personal computer of system FTIAN, the device for feeding and dropping of thermo capsules in melt (capsules provide gauging of melting temperature by means of mass - analyzer FTIAN).
The system is completed with thermo capsules and provided for all period of operation as agreed with the customer.
  • Installation of independent water cooling ×
  • The software and the engineering data for system (according to the complete set of delivery).
  • The complete set spare parts, expendable materials, testing gas mixes (ПГС).
× It is delivered at the request of the customer.

The quantity of controllable components Technically is not limited. It is established according to requirements of the Customer (it is determined by an analytical problem)
Range of controllable component mass 1 - 1000 a.m.u
Resolution (on mass) 500
The maximal range of measured concentration × 10 -7 % - 100 % (volumetric)
Minimal time of analysis 10 -4 sec. For any given 16 components
Error of the analysis of the basic gas components (including hydrogen) not more than 1 % (volumetric)
Error at the analysis of small impurity in technical oxygen (the continuous or single analysis of impurity N 2 , Аr) not more than 0,002 % (volumetric) at concentration N2 and Аr less than 0,1 % (volumetric)
Allowable working range of change of pressure of a controllable gas mix on an entrance in the analyzer during time анализа 10 -3 - 1,0 atm.
"Memory" of the analyzer on intensive gas components (including - hydrogen) not more than 0,1 % (volumetric) through ~1 sec. (time of indication setting) after stopping the delivery of a component in the analyzer
Background of the analyzer for the basic components (including for Н2, СН4, CO...) resulted in concentration of controllable component not more than 1 % (volumetric)
Type of control computer personal computer
× at duration of a cycle of measurement ~1 sеc.

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